The West Hill Park 


The West Hill Park is located at the west suburb, some 15 kilometers from the downtown of Kunming. It contains the Huating Hill, Taihua Hill and Luohan Hill, extending a distance of more than 40 kilometers at an altitude of from 1,900 meters to 2,350 meters above the sea level. Legend goes that at ancient time the locals mistook a phoenix for Jade Rooster and called the West Hill Jade Rooster Mountain as well as Lying Buddha Hill for its profile of a sculpture of a lying Buddha.


West Hill is known for its lush vegetation, blooming flowers, green grass and tranquility, and has enjoyed great fame for its beautiful and unique natural sceneries since ancient time and was renowned as "the most beautiful place in Yunnan". Looked from afar, the mountain appears a sleeping beauty on the Lake Dian; she looks so vivid with her dark long hair in the water that you can easily tell her head, breasts, belly and slim long legs. A tragic story related to this hill goes that in old times, a pretty princess escaped from the palace to seek freedom and love; later on, she met her Mr. Right and they got married soon. Unfortunately, their marriage encountered the disproval of the king who finally killed her husband. The princess was so sorrow that she wept day and night, in the end, her tears became the water of Lake Dian, and her body turned into the West Hill.


The West Hill is a renowned attraction including places of interest such as Dragon Gate, Huating Temple, Taihua Temple and Nie’er’s Tomb etc, with Dragon Gate being its highlight.




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