Scenic Zones


In Lanzhou, the Yellow River flows eastward like a dancing ribbon. Along with the natural landscapes and historic sites on both banks, the well-known 50-km Scenic Zones along the river form a string of pearls embroidered on the ribbon.


The scenic zones along the Yellow River are also compared to the Bund of Shanghai. Its real beauty lies in harmonizing everything along both sides of the river -- the solid and primitively simple waterwheels, the Nation’s first iron bridge over the Yellow River, the flower beds, the carpet-like green land, the willow trees dancing in the breeze, the buildings shining with neon lights, or the city sculptures and statues displaying a profound, and rich culture represented by the Mother Yellow River sculpture. They all contribute to the unique charm of the scenic zones along the Yellow river, which integrates the Yellow River culture, the Silk Road culture and the Folk culture.


Flowering for three seasons a year, and remaining green from January to December, the city is always beautiful. When the evening lights are lit and fountains are spraying along the banks, the scenic zones along the Yellow River appear even more lively and exquisite. As the river flows eastward in the night, it looks like the glowing Galaxy extending into the deep vista.



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