Yuan Yang

Yuanyang Terraced Fields


Yuanyang terraced fields are situated in the south part of Ai’lao Mountain Ranges. They are the masterpieces created by generations of the Hani people, the largest minority group in Yuanyang County of Honghe Prefecture.

Yuanyang is a world of rugged mountains. Usually, the fields are cultivated at the slopes of which every inch of land has been used for rice plantation by the local Hani and Yi people. Paddies of all sizes can be seen on a single slope. Sometimes one will be most probably astonished by a vast land of several Mu (Chinese acre, one acre equals to approximately 667 square meters); and one also can witness so tiny a cultivated land that it shouldn’t have been called a farmland. Acres of paddy fields developed one after another, small or big, eventually turn a single mountain into a world of rice fields.


Boasting of 170,000 Mu (acres) of terraced fields, Yuanynag has become the highlight of the terraced fields in Honghe Prefecture. Most of Yuanyang’s terraced fields are inlaid on the slopes with gradients from 15 to 75 degrees. In one mountain, the utmost steps are found to reach as many as 3,000, for which Yuanyang ranks first in the world.






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