Zhang Ye



Zhangye is located in the northwest of Gansu Province and the middle section of the Hexi Corridor. It gets its name for the words “Stretch the Country’s arms out to reach the Western Region”. In ancient times it was also called “Ganzhou” from which Gansu Province gets its name. It has always enjoyed the reputation of “The Land of Mulberry and Hemp” and “The Land of Milk and Honey”. The City covers an area of 40,874 km2. Its total population is 1.2105 million. Ganzhou District, Linze, Gaotai, Shandan Minle Counties and Yugur Autonomous County of Sunan are under its jurisdiction.


In the south of Zhangye is Qilian Mountain; north is Heli Mountain and Longshou Mountain. Heihe River runs through the whole area. All of these combine to form a unique oasis.


With the nourishment of Heihe River, the second continental river in China, a broad oasis is bred, and consequently the culture of the Hexi Corridor is bred. Zhangye is favorably endowed by nature: incredible urban wetland, Danxia Landform, the most beautiful Rape flower Ocean in the Northwest, the largest army horse ranch in the world, unique Yugur nationality flavor, Qilian Mountain’s wildness, and ice-covered peaks in the Gobi. Snow, ice, woods, grassland, lakes, and sands contrast finely with each other. The area has the austral charm as well as the frontier flavor, hence the verse “Lose sight of the snow on Qilian Mountain, and Zhangye would be mistaken for the South.”


Zhangye abounds in resources and has great potential for development. It is the New Eurasian Land Bridge’s thoroughfare linking up east to west transportation in China, and one of important areas in nation’s Western Development. The whole area has 2667 km2 of farmland (including Shandan Army Horse Ranch); 2000 km2 of arable wasteland; 26 rivers whose annual runoff is 26.2 bcm, and hence a rich groundwater storage; 17333 km2 of grasslands. 9.2% of the area is forested with 3867 km2 of forests. It has an average of 3000 hours of sunshine annually. Most of the area is flat, with fertile lands, thick forests and abundant grains. The climate here is continental and dry. The annual average temperature is 6℃. January is the coldest month, and July is the hottest one. The best tourist season lasts from June to September each year.


Zhangye is a city having two state-level nature reserves, and also a city situated on the wetland. It is renowned as “An Abundant Place Beyond the Frontier” with green mountains, clean waters, azure sky and grassy lands; as a “City of Wetland” it is livable, travelable and suitable for studying; as a “Cooling City” clear and clean; and as a “Water Region in the Gobi” civilized, harmonious and prosperous. From ancient times, it has enjoyed the good name of “Gold Zhangye, Silver Wuwei”. It has the largest army horse ranch in Asia, state-level wetland reserve and Zhangye National Geopark voted one of “The Top Ten Magic Geographical Wonders” by American National Geographic.




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