Up to now, there has been a recorded history of over 3000 years and it has developed prosperously. Evidence of human ancestry dating back to 700,000 years ago has been found in such places as Zhoukoudian in the southwest part of Beijing, where the remains known as 'Peking Man' were found. Through the years’ development, Beijing has become an international cosmopolis.  Beijing is the second largest Chinese city by urban population after Shanghai and is the nation’s political, cultural and educational center. 


The fascinating capital of the world’s most populated country. This city mirrors the whole of China’s fast-growing economy and the people’s struggle to make it through another day. Skyscrapers rise up only a few steps away from the ancient hutongs; the latest cars glide past rickshaws; and traditions thousands of years old continue to be observed alongside new market rules and a new way of life. All these, and much more, make Beijing one of the world’s most impressive cities to visit.


In recent years, the Beijing seized the opportunity, during the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, to promote Beijing’s travel and tourism industry by developing a series of well themed events. The events that were organized, such as the Beijing International Tourism Expo, Beijing’s International Cultural Tourism Festival were all well-received throughout the city. These events also unveiled the notion that the exoticism of Beijing fascinates the world, a phenomenon that continues to accelerate the tourism market here in Beijing. Such annual events have effectively enhanced the popularity of Beijing.


Meanwhile,the Beijing is working vigorously and effectively to improve both the quality and the overall service of the tourism industry in an effort to create a more favorable environment for visitors entering the city from all over the world. With effective preparation, Beijing hope to bring tourist the best that this city has to offer and to introduce to you to the most attractive monuments and unforgettable scenes around the city.




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