Yun Gang Grottoes


Yungang Grottoes, As one of the three leading grottoes in China, Yungang Grottoes are located in the south of Wuzhoum mountain north bank of Ten-Mile River. It is about sixteen kilometers to the west of Datong, Shanxi Province. All the Caves, extending about one kilometer from east to west, were hollowed out of the mountain. The 254 Caves are made up of three groups of east, middle and west with 45 major grottos and 209 secondary caves. The carving area ammouns to more than 18000 square meters. There are 1100 niches and 51000 statues with the biggest statue of 17 meters and the smallest statue of 2 centimeters. It's a historic monument combing the Chinese culture with Western one as it is a Buddhist art treasure house of royal style, which a nationality has spent nearly a dynasty completing for the first time ever since the Buddhist art was spread to China. It was promulgated one of the first group of key cultural relics preservation units by the State Council in March 1961. Yungang Grottoes were inscribed into the World Cultural Heritage List by the UNESCO In December 2001.



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