Xizhou Village


Xizhou is located in the north of Dali, about 34 km from Dali Old Town. It’s known as a historical town, a classic Bai ethnic town and the hometown of “Five Golden Flowers”.


Xizhou has a history of as long as 1,000 years. As one of the ancient towns of the Nanzhao Kingdom (738-937), Xizhou comes only second to Taihe City and Yangjumie City (both near the Old Town of Dali) in regard of its historic significance. Xizhou also used to be a town of Heman Tribe in Dali. In the Sui Dynasty, General Shi Wansui (549-600) stationed his troops here; so Xizhou is also called “Shicheng” or “Shidan”. When it came the Nanzhao Kingdom period, royal palaces were erected in Xizhou and it was named Dali ([ dàlí], different form Dali[dà lǐ]). In Dali, Xizhou is an important place for Buddhism and commerce. Most Dali businessmen come from XizhouXizhou Bang (Xizhou Party) is an influential commercial title in Dali area.


As a town with Bai ethnic characteristics, Xizhou is a good place to witness the Bai traditional architectures most of which are designed in style called “San Fang Yi Zhao Bi” (one principal room, two wing rooms and a screen wall) and “Si He Wu Tian Jing” (compound with five courtyards). The architectural masterpieces are the Residence of Yang Pinxiang, the Compound of Family Yan, the Compound of Family Dong and the Compound of Family Zhao etc.



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