Ganshu Provincial Museum


Gansu Provincial Museum was built in 1956, capable of serving Multiple purposes. Its predecessor was Gansu Scientific and Educational Museum, built by the Sino-British Board of Boxer Indemnity in 1939.


“The ancient Silk Road extends over 1600 kilometers, and the Yellow River Culture has survived 8000 years.” With this unique historical inheritance, Gansu Provincial Museum currently has a collection of over 350,000 items, ranging from historical relics, both contemporary and modern, to ethnic relics, fossils and Zoological and plant specimens. Since its establishment, the museum has accumulated a collection of over 82,000 items through archeological excavation, collecting and donations, of which, over 3000 items are classified as top antiques, 16 items (sets) as national level antiques and over 720 items as first-class national antiques. The Bronze Galloping Horse, in particular, has been made the symbol of China Tourism.



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