Temple of The Chief Minister


The time-honored Temple Of The Chief Minister lies in the downtown area of Kaifeng, the Capital of Seven Dynasties, which was once the most prosperous city in the world and is a historical and cultural ancient city now. There is an old folk saying, “The first beauty is Suzhou (a garden city in Jiangsu province in southeast of China), the second Hangzhou (the capital city of Zhejiang province in southeast of China) and the third Kaifeng”.


The magnificent Grand Temple plays an important role in Chinese Buddhism. The Temple is said to have been the residence of Prince Wuji (also called Xin Lin Jun) in the Wei State of the Warring Period. Unfortunately, it was destroyed in the war and never rebuilt until the 2nd year of Jingyun in the Period of the Tang Dynasty (711A.D).The Emperor Ruizong of the Tang Dynasty renamed the Temple “Xiangguo” and inscribed the name himself in A.D. 712 in order to celebrate his ascension to the throne.




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