Kaifeng Fu


Kaifeng Fu from the Northern Song Dynasty was made famous in the world, especially for the upright official Lord Bao, who enforced justice and cracked down on evil. Till now, the local opera “Lord Bao Investigating Cases in Kaifeng Fu” is still quite popular. The present buildings sit on the north bank of the east lake of the Bao’s Lake, covering an area of more than 4 hectares and a construction area of 13,600 square meters. Surrounded by three lakes and opposite to the Lord Bao’s Temple on the west bank of Lord Bao’s lake, the spot here is rather magnificent and splendid. Kaifeng Fu was built with the construction skills and style of the Northern Song Dynasty. In its central axis stands the Main Hall, the Conference Hall, the Meihua Hall; along with more than 50 palaces and halls such as, the Tianqing Temple, the Mingli Courtyard (the place to show one’s courtesy), Qianlong Courtyard, Qingxin Building, Yingwu building, the Yanbin Hall and the prison. As a theme park, it appeals to people from all walks of life by way of representing history through exhibits and live performances. So in this Park, you will have the opportunity to see the opening ceremony of the Yamun (judicial tribunal), the judging process of Lord Bao, the welcome ceremony in the martial yard, as well as acrobatics and entertainers who can blow fire or perform mask changing tricks. It is the best place to learn about the culture of the Song Dynasty and the integrity of the Lord Bao.



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