The Siele Forest of Hanyuan


On the west side of Dragon Pavilion Park sits the Stele Forest of Hanyuan, covering an area of nearly 7 hectares, and with more than 3,500 steles. The inscriptions here mainly consist of famous calligraphers’ works as well as poems, paintings and seals. And it is a sound combination of the traditional art of inscriptions and gardening. According to the content and object of inscriptions, the steles are kept in different corridors, namely, the main stele corridor, modern inscription corridor, the Song Dynasty corridor, the corridor of emperors and famous ministers in Feudal China, the Inscription Corridor of Paintings, Seals corridor, Pen-calligraphy corridor, the Inscription Corridor of the Minorities’ Characters, the Inscription Corridor of the mid-aged, the stele corridor of international friendship, etc. Now, the stele forest has preserved more than 2,600 inscriptions, and becomes the leading stele collection base in China along with the stele forest in Xi’an and Qufu.



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