San Ya


Dadonghai Bay


It is located 3 kilometers (about 1.9 miles) southeast of downtown area of Sanya, Embraced by Mt. Tuziwei on the northwest, Mt. Luhuitou on the southwest, Dadonghai has a crescent-shaped beach extending 2.3 kilometers long (about 1.4 miles). You can never expect another place where clear blue sea, sunshine, and superb white sandy beach are so adjacent do a city. Along the beach are well-designed sea-viewing wooden platforms with palm trees and pavilions. There are also many beach-front bars providing wine, beer, snacks and sea food along the beach and bay area. 


The beach is ideal for recreational diving, beach volleyball, bathing and sunbathing. You can also enjoy driving motorboat, luxury yacht, having fun on a sail boat, experiencing ocean fishing, beach sports and underwater photography. The water temperature is about 20 ℃/ 68 ºF degrees in winter, no wonder it is a good resort place for winter holidaying and relaxation. It also has several shopping areas; the largest shopping center is the Xiari (Summer Day) Department Store.


The night life near Dadonghai Bay is very charming and entertaining. The beach-front bars are good places to sip a bottle of beers or a glass of wine. You can also try some fresh sea food in those the bars and the price is acceptable. Sometimes you will enjoy quite passionate and professional performance of Philippine bands or Russian band in some bars and those joyful melody and songs is so inviting on the beach that you want to have a dance on the platform or the beach.


If you want to have sea food with cheaper prices in a place with good music and high glee, perhaps you can go to the seafood square at the gate of Xiari (Summer Day) Department after 6.30 pm. You may have a bigger variety of choices of food there. In addition to this, it is quite near to the Sky Bar, which is quite good and a lot a youth international tourists like to have fun there.





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