San Ya


Fenjiezhou Island


Fenjiezhou Island is a pretty small island which is located in the South Sea off Lingshui County. The eastern part of the island features sheer cliffs and white waves and foams dashing over the rocks on the shoreline. On the west side, there is a small beach and you will find everything is more relaxed, brighter and gay on this perfect beach with clean white sand and palm trees. The intense hues of the South Sea will definitely leave an indelible impression to your mind. The water here appears diaphanous, and sometimes incandescent on a day with bright sun sheen.

There are various strange rocks on the hill of the island, which is quite verdant with tropical plants. A granite-slate path on this island has the shapes and pictures of various ancient currency of China carved on it for tourists to have an appreciation.

There are also some kind of entertainments and sports such as having fun on yachts, motorboats, sailboats, banana boats, or parasailing. You may also saw everything from tropical salt-water fish to various corals and rock formations on the island.





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