San Ya


West Island


The West Island (Xi Dao Island) is located within the Sanya Bay National Protection Zone. It covers an area of 2.8 square kilometers. There are about 3,000 inhabitants and fisherman living on the island. The island is 8 kilometers away from Sanya. Tourists can embark on a yacht and after 25 minutes they will be on the island. Being quite far off the shore and city, the island boasts gorgeously clean sea water, good air quality, fascinating scenery, soft beach. There are a lot of pristine coral reefs around the island. You can also find colorful tropical fish living in the marine ecosystem around the island.


On this island, you can enjoy a great variety of entertainment sna sport such as having fun on yachts, motorboats, sailboats, banana boats, or parasailing,water skiing, glass-bottom boat sightseeing, sea angling, and diving. You can also enjoy fresh sea food on the beach-front restaurant near the sea angling platform. You may also have a chance to see natural coral reefs, various species of salt water fish, sting rays, and turtles!


In short, this island is superb for indulging oneself on the beach and having a leisure time in a vacation. Yacht, motorboat, sailboat, banana boat, Parasailing, Water Skiing, Glass-Bottom Boat, Sea Angling, diving,




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