San Ya


Wuzhizhou Island


Wuzhizhou Island, which is 2.7 kilometers off the coast of Linwang town, is located near the Haitang Bay. The distance between the downtown area of Sanya to this place is about 30 kilometers. If you are living in a hotel in Yalong Bay, you are just 5 kilometers away from this fabulous island.

The butterfly-shaped island is about 1.48 square kilometers with a coastal line of 5.7 kilometers. Tropical plants, among which are some very ancient ones, flourish on this verdant island.

The brilliantly colorful coral reefs make the Sanya seascapes among the most enchanting in the world. On this island, wind sweeps over the little hills, and the waves dash on the rocks time and again. When the wind blows violently, you can see shoreward dashing wild waves. Over the rocks the white foam splashes. The northern part of the island boasts a pristine, white-fine-sandy beach with unbelievably wonderful turquoise water.


The island is the best place for scuba diving in China. In the crystal clear sea water which is quite typical here, tourists can have opportunities to experience the unique and beautiful underwater scenery which is a treasure house of a great variety of fish, corals, and other marine denizens.


In addition to this, surfing is also a sensational bonus to water sport enthusiasts’ holiday experience.




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